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Sara Edward-Corbett

2003 – 2007

Sara Edward-Corbett grew up in Rhode Island, a great place for kite-flying and delicous sandwiches. Her strip See-Saw ran in the New York Press from 2003-2005. She lives in Brooklyn with her lizard friends Beatrix, Noodles, and Oscar.
Featured Items
The Monkey & The Crab by Shawn Cheng & Sara Edward-Corbett

The Monkey & The Crab
by Shawn Cheng & Sara Edward-Corbett

$8 | 64 pages | 5.5" x 4.25" | b&w xeroxed

Shawn and Sara team up in this two-part tale of trickery, murder, sleuthing, and vengeance. The trouble begins when the ne'er-do-well Monkey envies the good fortune of the happy-go-lucky Crab... Features a fabulous 3-color cover on silver stock.

Ignatz Nominated for the 2007 Ignatz Award
for Outstanding Mini-Comic

"A fantastic mini-comic – compact, moving, and eloquent."
— Shawn Hoke

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∞ (The Fish Book) by Sara Edward-Corbett

∞ (The Fish Book)
by Sara Edward-Corbett

$5 | 24 pages | 5.375" x 5.5" | b&w xeroxed

A collection of fabulous scaly friends from Sara's sketchbooks. Playful lines and wonderful textures. Printed on fancy Japanese paper, with a fancy silver cover.

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Don't Leave Home by Sara Edward-Corbett

by Sara Edward-Corbett

$10 | 36 pages | 8.5" x 9.25" | b&w xeroxed

The eagerly-awaited collection of "See-Saw" strips* has arrived! Chucky, Georgie, Olga, and Meals can finally be seen in their full pep and pageantry. The painstaking detail and virtuoso craftsmanship (not to mention the deluxe cootie-catcher chock full of sketchbook critters) make this definitely one to show and tell.

* Originally published in The New York Press

"Probably the funniest and cutest comic zine I've read in years, hands down."
— Razorcake

"Wow, this comic rules!" — NewPages

"Sara breaks new ground with a sure hand." — Poopsheet

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Don't Leave Home by Sara Edward-Corbett

Don't Leave Home
by Sara Edward-Corbett

$7 | 16 pages | 8.5" x 9.5" | b&w xeroxed

Combining an oddly warm-hearted nihilism with hard-assed old-school comics craft, Don't Leave Home is a finely wrought warning against venturing out into a cruelly indifferent world. Now featured weekly in the New York Press, the kids from "See-Saw" try in vain to navigate an unfortunate grade-school love triangle, while Nature bats last when a grumpy Bladder, an insecure Straw and an overeager Shoe make an ill-advised attempt to cross the river that flows near their house.

"Highly recommended, nice felt cover."
— Kevin Huizenga

"A lovelorn look at youthful insolence and pessimism."
— Heath Row

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