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Paping #14: We All Scream for Silkscreen
edited by John Mejias

$25 | 48 pages | 11" x 8.5" | silkscreened, blockprinted & xeroxed

Mr. Mejias and company take it up a notch in this hefty tome that's part comics anthology, part prints portfolio, and totally kick-ass. Features silkscreened comics by Matt Wiegle, Jeff Lewis, John Mejias, and Zak Smith; xeroxed comics by Dave Miko and Sara Edward-Corbett (housed in an exquisite linocut/hand-drawn envelope); and monster prints by Billy Mavreas, Shawn Cheng, and Sean McCarthy. Plus, each wood cover sports a unique design, burned and stained by hand. One-time limited print run of 200, so get one while you can!

"Simply might be the best comics anthology of its kind."
— The Comics Journal

"Paping demonstrates a staggering amount of talent and effort." — Punk Planet

"Like having a really great art exhibit sitting on your shelf ready to be touched, read, and admired."
— Maximum Rock N' Roll

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Paping #14: We All Scream for Silkscreen

edited by John Mejias

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